Saturday, March 12, 2005

Broken Bones and Bruises.......

*groannnnnnnnnn*thats the only word i'm gonna emphasize today....went for cheerleading practice today..yeaps..I'm a cheerleader...and no we dun do around wearing short skirts and acting slutty so for those who somehow have that idea imprinted in your head..disengage it!!thats stereotyping!*bleh*....anywayz.....I never expected to return home so intention was to go there...practice some my cheer face and ciao but NO......for stunts, I had to be bounced up and down and boy was I a bundle of nerves.....imagine yourself being tossed up and down like some chapati dough or somethin....its no wonder why my palms were clammy and I was sweating profusely with fear..(I'm sure ann and steph would agree to me on that!)...Goin up is fun as well..we have a great view up there but falling is no walk in the park!..Frankly..I was in a chirpy mood today which explained my non-stop laughter.....Fell several times of course..and most of the time on poor Justin who was the base..sorry pal!By the end of it all, me and ann were feeling like jelly...and my legs just wouldnt quite shaking..we couldnt even bring ourselves to "punch" properly while performing our dance moves....As I fell on my back ( thank God it was done on the field) twice.. once on the ground..once on Justin's knee(ouch) hence the bruises on my back now are throbbing angrily..sighhhhhhhh....sorry dear body and its million cells...guess you will have to put up with it for the next few weeks....groannnnNnnNNnNN......

Tuesday, March 08, 2005


well..since Felix wouldnt be able to make it for our 9th anniversary(months not years!) next week therefore it was decided that we would celebrate the occasion a week earlier..where did we go? I wanted Souled Out since I've NEVER been there before and really..I wanted to have a look-see session but Felix insisted that he could bring me there any other day..we finally settled on Avanti's at Sunway Hotel...I've been there once and its an awesome place where the waiters and their kind pace around..singing with booming, melodious voices...its indeed a pleasant sound if compared to boisterous kids screaming bloody murder, hassled parents struggling to hush them up while looking mournfully at their dinner...adults talking..rather shouting at one another in their mother tongue...the heat...the uncomfortable wobbly chairs..all that gone for a change at a wonderful diner....woohoo!...Food was fabulous except poor Felix felt sooo sick of his Cabonara he vowed *with his fingers crossed behind his back* never to touch pasta again!but I was happily enjoying my grilled Salmon..yummyyyyyy.....late into the night..we took a stroll at Pyramid and well...managed to do some shopping..hehehe...Felix bought me earrings this day....dear readers, I wouldnt elaborate bout the number....wouldnt wanna be responsible for any of your injuries when you fall off your chair...=).....

Monday, March 07, 2005

I'm pooped!

yeaps..the tittle says it all..completed another cooking session..took a nice, cooling shower and well....i'm tired is really a chore coz when you don't feel like it..there's no motivation at all even if the smell of food finds its way up your hairy nostrils.....ahhh....i bent my waist over to dry my hair and my back made groaning sighs.i feel so oldddddddddd.......and tireddddddddd
One thing funny though bout this session was I was asked to cut the skin off the stem of this huge brocolli...and cut I did..more like chop coz by the end of it all...nothing was left..teeheee!!looks like I would have to perfect my chopping skill!!I just realised that I'm actually quite a perfectionist..every veggie I chop must be evaluated twice and everything that I wash must be scrutinized from every angle before I'm satisfied..shhesh...I bet even the microorganisms might be thinking "Whatcha looking at?havent seen a pretty fly before?"However..the results are satisfying...I fried Belacan Kangkung and some tofu dish today!!yummyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy!

Me?Cook?No Way!

That will be my exact reaction when confronted with the dreaded question especially when I was still very much a blue-pinafored high school kid.....Now that I'm "matured"=) supposedly womanly senses starts to kick in and the urge to cook was just unbearable...not forgetting the never ceasing warnings given by my dear Mom who somehow kept foreseeing me starving in the United States....thus initiated my one-year cooking class with none other than my Cambodian maid who has managed to make me swoon at the sight of food all these years..well...if my maid who knows nuts bout cooking when she first arrived can do can I right?Utterly WRONG!my first class last week..yeah..I have been meaning to blog bout this for a longggg time but was suffering from "wordaphobia" thus the absence of my scratchings here...anyways...I have been through bout 4 cooking classes so far and here is a brief summary:

1st Day...

found out that I was a timid cat and a total klutz after all when it comes to kitchen matters...why so?
Picture this, screaming at the top of my lungs and running with my tail between my legs out the kitchen just because the oil in the "kuali" or wok started creating bubbles and popping noises...I thought it was gonna burst out in flames...silly me..wouldnt be surprised if the oil starts bursting in laughter....what more....tripping over everything in sight..and thats a no-no policy when it comes to the kitchen....sighhhh.therefore because of my new-found "timidness" and "clumsiness" I was doomed to watch with my arms locked behind my back while my maid proceeded to cook up a storm....maybe I should be a marathon runner or it typical......

2nd and 3rd day....

Now these days were quite encouraging as I actually did somethin useful.. after several arid attempts, I finally mastered the skill of.........chopping garlic and the other natural seasonings......what an accomplishment!!I could finally make full use of the knife without worrying about the welfare of my fingers...phewww!!not only that...i finally learnt the art of stirring(though it was tiring) and preparing sauces..frying and steaming..and ahh..i no longer run at the sight of fire!!finally grew out of my timidness..thank God!!by the way...I'm using "finally" as well..I'm relieved!!

4th day......

So far...I've learnt how to boil soup...prepare chicken, fish and of course fry vegetables which is a must for a veggie-lover like me!I've even practiced the art of curry-cooking=)...I finally fried my very own plate of mixed vegetables and boy o I just sooo proud of myself!!Its the easiest alongside steaming meat dishes therefore I guess my menu next time will comprise of steam fish and vegetables and soup..since its the easiest to prepare..wahahahaha!!!

Cooking is all about feelings and is really an enigmatic least to me!the amount of ingrediants thrown in...strength is extremely necessary too especially when you have to stir big chunks of I'm still mastering..guess its time to hit the gym and put on some muscles!!Wish Me Luck!!

my latest obsession...... Posted by Hello

my very first veggie dish..yummmmm.......No one suffered food poisoning so I guess I passed!! Posted by Hello

I chopped it myself!!!very important element of the cooking world.. Posted by Hello

Monday, February 28, 2005

A Happening Birthday Bash!

I attended a birthday bash on Saturday night..whose?not whose but turned a lovely 8 last Sat night...the party took place at the Sunway Lagoon Surf Pool...Thanks to Shaz, Felix and me managed to obtain tix for this delightful event..It was just like any other bash..with loud music, performances by our local artists and the deejays being their usual nutty selves...all in all..It was a great time together although I've been to better but ahh..this aint bout me..its bout Hitz.FM!!Happy 8th Anniversary!!!.......i'll let pics speak words for now=)

Saturday: Acknowledging our multi-religious nation

Last Saturday was a pretty interesting day as we were scheduled for a visit to religious destinations organized by the World Religions class of Winter 2005 headed by Mr. Vijaya..well...I was sooo excited as I was finally given the chance to truly explore what other religions are like..their culture and there we were on Saturday morning..all groggy but hyped up for the event....It was a really hazy day..thanks to the forest fires but it did not dampen my mood one bit..Our first stop...Batu Caves...Yes..we walked up all 273 steps up that temple...mind you..there aint such luxuries like elevators or escalators..just plain stamina...I wonder how the Hindhu actually manage to carry kavadis and even knelt up during Thaipusam..really strong faith..*respect respect*...At last we conquered the mini Everest so to speak..all red-faced and breathless(the air aint fresh at all!) except me! thanks to my frequent jogs and exercise *puffs up chest*=)...It came to be...the cave was just......*wahhhhhh*..a duh!..its all hollow..really empty except for a few Hindhu statues here and there.....apparently Batu Caves came to existence from a rich merchant's dream..not *poof* it appeared or somethin...i mean..that was what I thought..being imaginative and eh?talk about dreams come true=)...well..the walk down is a lil tricky as a slight slip and *bye!humpty-dumpty come alive!*Our next stop was the National Mosque but due to complications of entry into the mosque and we do not wanna resort to swimming in the Klang River in order to reach the symbol of our mother religion thus the for-going of it...ahhh....not much of a problem there!Next we went to an elderly 100 years old catholic church "Holy Rosary"...where we were given a thorough explanation of the Church's beautiful layout with its tainted-glass pictures portraying the Life of our Lord Jesus Christ...Subsequesntly, we were shown into a hall where we were given a short "sermon" by the pastor.....u know..pastors talk a lot.....and its all good stuff so no arguments there..I was enjoying it but looking around the hall- noticing some black adourned heads nodding off to *Dreamland* and bored expressions just disappointed me..ahh.....oh ended well...He took more time than he should..naturally=)The long-awaited refreshments were served...Seeing my classmates' eyes lighting up when it comes to food..It saddens me again...was their main purpose during this Church session eating?what happened to the zeal to know more of our Father?that got me thinking....Further on into our trip was of course the Buddhist Temple where we had our vegetarian lunch(with chicken curry specially for us..its real chicken man!)and we finally made our last stop at the Chinese Temple..whats the difference?well..basically..Buddhist Temple is for Buddhist (duhhhhh) and Chinese Temple is for Taoist...its NOT similar by the way...its two dofferent religions.....However, the Chinese Temple has a certain grand-ish aura about it and it reminds of some Ming Dynasty Palace while the Buddhist Temple resembles a Shaolin kinda place..was expecting some bald-headed monks donning orange robes to be there practicing some cool "kung-fu" with the"Hai-ya"s and the "Wah-ya"s..whats with yas?must have some significance.but ahh..aint wasting time to crap bout this=)...basically..our trip ended bout 3...was dying to go home at the end of it..but I enjoyed myself tremendously and it was basic knowledge that I feel every Malaysian should know...whats the use of belonging to a multicultural society when you dun even know nuts bout it?

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Thursday, February 24, 2005

Mamak - ing?

was supposed to be at Felix's family dinner yesterday but it was cancelled therefore..ate home in *misery*( Mom's cooking is absolutely da bomb!)...late into the night...Downright boredness eluded me silently and after some serious contemplating..I decided to call Felix out for a "tong sui" session at KTZ.....well..before I continue...let me make ONE thing straight..I admit..I'm not a fan of "mamak"...I mean..its not that I dun like it..but its just that..sitting at a table which wobbles like an Adam's apple in a coffee shop drinking some teh O ais Limau and just chilling in sweltering heat(notice the irony?) plus watching cautiously at cockroaches or other whatnot insects promenading around your legs makes me shudder...*brrr*...I rather be safely curled up in my bed reading a book perhaps..ahh..thats me.....but hey..yesterday was an exception as the idea of heading out of home outweighed practically everythin there I was...with Felix..we ordered 3 different kinds of chinese desserts between the two of us...Shaz came and join us soon after that but as he's the Malay mamak kinda person..Oriental food just does not do him justice..thus..he ended up with a soya bean in hand and we proceeded in talking through the night..the outcome?a barely half-eaten bowl of black sesame "tong sui" doing..and Felix managed to wallop the other two...phew..thank God for his bottomless pit...and three happy but tired faces..all in all...I sort of take back what I've said about mamak-ing before this..after all..the bonding session and lame jokes are sufficient enough to term this night a thumbs up...oops..sorry for the lack of pics...all coz of this gal her who aplogetically left her camera at home...looks like I'm not much of a camera whore..wahahaha....

Tuesday, February 22, 2005

A relaxing day..

mmmm...i'm sitting here in front of the computer..reading blogs..ddevouring a watermelon with a spoon..yummy and feeling an improvement of my mood from last night..phew..luckily my foul mood wasnt perpetual..really sorry to Felix as he had to endure my silent-ness in the car to and from the airport yesterday which was superbly unusual for a chatterbox like me=)oh well..thank God for the change and I'm feeling relaxed today..just being at lengthy and oh-so-boring dreaded pig-sty looks at wee hours of the morning..just blissful sleep till the sun warms me up...spending a part of my beautiful morning with God and meditating.....and listening to cool records on my com while juggling my time between the books and blogging..this is life......contented and fulfilling life.......ooh..I'm loving it!

A teary-eyed farewell...

It finally came...21st was the day when my best friend, Chui Wa was due to fly off to Sydney..after her farewell party last Saturday night, it still did not dawn on me that she was still seem like a long way more..dun have to apologize for that night when i slept over girl..i completely understand...anywayz...yesterday was THE wasnt until I reached the airport when the thought of her leaving rushed over me like a tidal wave, leaving me drenched in an unmistakable reality...that my pal wasnt just goin for a holiday and will be back within a month but she was there on her way to being a businesswoman perhaps? was a tearful farewell..i tried really hard not to cry coz i did not want it to be as if its goodbye..but..come u see your best pal walking through the immigration gate with her luggages in can u resist those tears anymore?but at least..she didnt have to see me cry...I only knew Chui Wa for a year or so but yet the bond is so strong...It may seem a short time but deep within there's more to this friendship and thats the reason why I hold it especially dear to my heart...I suffered that feeling once when another great friend of mine went to New Zealand(you know who u are) and now...its just the same process again..empty nest syndrome=)..Wa wa will be back and I do hope I will be here so that we can go on shopping sprees again(Wa's fav words: I need shoes!)...sleepovers...just catching up on old times and sharing gossips(hehe)...Its hard to know that even though her house is equidistant from mine...the person is far away!that i cant just walk to her house whenever I feel like it..that I cant just call her in wee hours of the morning just to hear her sleepy voice and to call her out for a drink...that i cant do crazy things with her again...ahh...the many dear pal...i will never forget you...hope you wouldnt too...may God pour his blessings on you and protect's to a friendship that will never end!!

Monday, February 21, 2005

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Saturday : A long-awaited gathering

Finally met up with my secondary school friends - Sandy and Yan Yan whom I was and still is close to up till today..After several falied attempts to meet up, we finally did in Mid Valley where we had the time of our lives..just three of us...hanging out and reminiscing of our past..met up with them at Shakeys and we proceeded to do what girls like to do...SHOPPING!..I didnt manage to get anythin.actually i didnt intend to buy stuff as it wasnt the shopping which made it all exciting..rather the company and of course who can ever forget ...taking pictures to cherish those precious moments..who knows..when we are too busy to hang out next time..there's always somethin to look forward to and that will be our memories...